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After the success of Caesarstone and Dekton, Hafele Surfaces brings you the latest addition to our ever growing portfolio of surfaces, Terra. Terra is the first in-house brand from Hafele in the category of Premium Interior Surfaces. The range includes 6 colours and each has a soul, personality and characteristic of its own. Terra surfaces aren’t just beautiful to look at but are also made from the best quality natural quartz with a high colour consistency that runs throughout the surface due to the patented Breton technology. These surfaces are food-grade safe and are available in a thickness of 20 mm, giving you the versatility to execute different applications within your homes.

Design your story

We believe that every story reflects a personal style, unique thought and creative imagination. Every story also needs the right expression that can truly bring out these facets. Terra by Hafele Surfaces, the new versatile, under-stated and elegant range of interior surfaces, can help you create your stories and bring them to life. Be it the rustic feel of Cinnamon or the minimalistic aesthetics of Alba White; be it the enamour and poise of Moonwhite or the decadent details of Vena Oro; be it the pastel warmth of Eggnog or the serenity of Himalayan White – every colour from this range has the potential to individualize your style, expression and imagination. So take a chance at getting truly creative and “design your story…”

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A mix of stone, wood and beautiful tiles. It’s for those who are passionate, adventurous and rustic.

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Alba white

With aesthetically pleasing colours, minimalistic decor and clean lines, it’s perfect for those who enjoy simple things in life.

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A style that’s combined with modern choices and history, enamour and poise. It’s timeless. It’s elegant. It’s vintage.

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Vena Oro

Inspired by the gatsby times, they are for those who love decadent details and designs.

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It’s a style that uses leather, wood and pastel colours. It emphasizes clean lines, utility, and simple furnishings.

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Himalayan White

It’s a collage of furnishing, style and art. It’s perfect for those who love colouring outside the box.

Create your captivating stories with magnificent surfaces.